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Build your own foot powered,
energy efficient
scroll saw from simple plans.

With rolling black outs and energy shortages, here's a way to enjoy working with wood without the need for electricity.

These plans are based on W.F. & John Barnes foot-power scroll saw. These machines improved on treadle power machines that were common in the late 1800's. They were able to overcome the dead center and made it possible for any pressure of the foot upon the step board whenever made, would developed motion in the right direction.

These machines where made until 1937.

Foot Power.... Get the Job Done Without Electricity.

The plans (and the one I made) show the frame being made of PVC pipe, but the PVC could easily be adapted to be made of metal or wood (below is an example of one built out of wood). The tools needed to build the saw are ones that you would have around a small home shop.

Make it for your craft, hobby family project or for a school project.

Because it doesn't require any electricity, it can be used anywhere. Take it to the fair, swap meet, and flea market. It would attract peoples attention to your craft or hobby.

 There in easy to read Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf). It allows you to print out the scroll saw pattern or enlarge it to see any details. Comes with a complete parts list.

The plans in .pdf file format
are only

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